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ARTTECH Printshop 

Whether you need the speed and flexibility of digital printing, the precision and large-run economy of offset printing, or the versatility and visibility of large-format printing, our print shop has the knowledge, the talent and the technology to ensure your projects are done right, and done on time, every time.

Engineering Drawings section

CAD plotting and plan printing for architects has been our forte for many years and is still the cornerstone of our business. Our state-of-the-art digital machines, which can scan, print, fold and archive architectural CAD plotting and plan printing drawings of various sizes, have the ability to quickly process large print volumes.

With our digital plotting and plan printing machines that can plot to a width of A0 size and length of 35 meters, we provide a cost-effective way of printing your entire CAD plotting and printing requirements. Our cutting-edge equipment with its high dot density ensures your engineering drawings remain accurate to the smallest detail. Drawings can be enlarged or reduced at will and output in black and white, or in full-color, and printed from vector formats like Autocad, DWF and PLT

In addition, our drawing archival system allows us to undertake black and white, as well as color, scanning and archival of all drawings up to a width of A0 size. And to render drawings from raster formats like JPEG, TIFF or PDF.

Digital Copying and Printing section

The color copying technology we employ ensures the production of the highest quality, closest color matches and sharpest color images available, resulting in brilliant digital color copies that instantly grab attention. Our costs for short-run, full-color print jobs are a fraction of what it would cost to do the same job through offset printing.

The high volume output along with the ability to print in duplex and simultaneously collate and staple documents, permits us to offer highly competitive rates to clients signing long-term contracts and for bulk copying jobs. Incidentally, we also have the in-house ability to output in two-color offset printing that delivers an outstanding result to bulk printing works.

At ARTTECH Print Shop we handle the entire gamut of post-print services in-house. We have all the tools and resources, including collating, folding, binding and trimming machines that complement the high print quality achieved on our digital printing machines.